Vending Machines

Here at EFTPOS Vending we believe in making the simple things in life... even easier.

You may ask how can you make a vending machine even easier to use?

Well, together with our inventory and payment platform Carnival, we are taking the hassle and frustration away from jamming coins and machines that swallow up your money, by providing you with a cashless payment solution. YES, that's right, no cash needed, all you need to do is swipe/insert/tap your card and you're away!

Quick, easy and hassle free!

As well as providing our customers with a simple and easy to use payment solution, we will give you, free of charge, the best machines, straight off the boat from Crane in America!

Merchant 4 Media

Our Small Snack Machine

This is our small snack machine, with the option for over 36 different product selections to choose from this is definitely one of our most popular machines for businesses with a small staff base.


Merchant 4 Media Combo

Our Small Combo Machine

So you want a machine with snacks and drinks? Sure, we can do that! This little beauty has over 25 different product selections, with half of those being chilled drinks! This is sure to be a hit in your office!

Merchant 6 Media

Our Big Snack Machine

This machine is a fully-snack based machine, with the option for 50 + different product selections, this machine is sure to have a product for everyone. This machine proves to be quite popular amongst the our bigger customers.

Merchant 6 Media Combo

Our Big Combo Machine

The biggest, greatest machine we have, with the option to have over 35 different snack options and up to 30 different chilled drinks. This machine is great for big businesses.

Bevmax Media 35 vending machineBevmax Media 35

Our Small Drinks Fridge

This machine is fully drinks based, drinks are all chilled ready for your purchase, with over 35 different options, this is sure to be a hit around the office.

Bevmax Media 45

Our Big Drinks Fridge

This machine has over 45 different drink selections and is great for a bigger office or warehouse where there are lots of thirst workers! Lots of options to cater for any type of person!

Red Bull Benchtop Vendor

For a Red Bull On the Go

Compact benchtop vendors ideal for corporate or fast-moving environments. These have been successful in tertiary and educational facility study areas.

Tiger Coffee Machine

Reliable and Proven Technology

Show rooms, meet & greet areas, forecourts, smaller call centres, all sites where consistency is key. 

Consistent quality espresso’s and specialty drinks at the touch of the button, using fresh beans, fresh milk and up to 120 consistent cappuccino’s per day.